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NCB #AGRI_RISCANI_2021 Goods Supply of 2 lots:

Lot 1: agriculture machinery for (lavender and sage) plantations establishment and maintanance for final beneficiary: Agro-Industrial College from Riscani, Moldova,

Lot 2: equipment for service/maintenance of agriculture machinery, for education purposes for final beneficiary:  Agrarian State University of Moldova.

ITQ #LAB_GRINAUTI_ISPHTA_2021 Goods Laboratory Equipment and Glassware for two final beneficiaries, located in Moldova: Scientific-Practical Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies (ISPHTA) and Agro-Industrial College „Gheorghe Răducan” from Grinauti village (GRINAUTI). Download
NCB #ICT_ASUM_2021A Goods Supply and installation of ICT equipment and 1 server (including peripherals) for the Agrarian State University of Moldova and for Agro-industrial College Gheorghe Raducan from Grinauti Download